We have built a strong trust in one another and often refer each other business. Combined, the group has 300+ years of work experience with a large percentage of our work done with East Bay companies. Our group meets in its entirety the first Wednesday of every month to share market knowledge and we also meet as groups of three every month to dive deeper into each other's businesses.

who we are

USS Potomac, Annual Blue Angels Event

our approach

East Bay Insighters is a group of service providers that live and work in the East Bay (San Francisco Bay Area). The group was formed in 2009 to share business leads and market trends. Over time, the group has grown into a highly trusted network of industry leaders. Each group member is able to leverage the power of the network to solve unique challenges for their clients and their own businesses. Group membership is by invitation only and there are no members with directly competing interests. Our objective is to grow our respective businesses and to be professional resources for one another.