Michael Law

Principal Consultant

MacLaren Associates

T: (925) 785-6990

E: rmichaellaw@comcast.net

Background: Married for 31 years to my wife Mary. We have two boys David (23) and Tyler (21). We live in San Ramon where we have been involved with youth sports, St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church and the Boy Scouts of America. Active with the Association for Corporate Growth board of directors and programs committee, LaMOrinda Networking Group, Hillhouse Club and Co-Founder of the East Bay Insighters, a C-Suite advisory group. Graduate of the Jesuit University of Detroit. Commercial Banker for over 30 years with prior work experience with First Bank for 13 years, U.S. Bank for 5 years and Comerica Bank for 15 years. I enjoy wine, sailing, skiing, golf, fishing and world travel.

Overview of what I do:
I am a senior financial advisor, consultant and director bringing over 30 years of commercial lending and corporate finance experience to client relationships. Engagements may involve the placement of senior debt, mezzanine debt and/or new capital, as well as related financial services. I have worked with a wide variety of clients in numerous industries, at various stages of development, having arranged debt and other financial instruments to assist them. As Principal of MacLaren Associates, I lead and coordinate financial consulting engagements in Northern California to create value for privately held companies and high net worth individuals through growth, exit and succession.

When do clients come to me?
CEO’s, CFO’s or owners of privately held companies come to me in the event that they have a need for an enhancement to their existing finance capacity. This may be for a project or an ongoing advisory role. There may be a corporate transaction, M&A or succession event, a re-financing, loan structure, borrowing capacity or pricing issue. I collaborate with many professional specialists to assist clients with all of their corporate finance needs.

If you get a sense that a company might be in need of me, ask these questions:
     1. Are there areas of finance in operations, management or board agenda that need additional attention?
     2. Does your financial institution understand your business and provide capital to efficiently generate growth?
     3. Do you believe that the service level, capabilities and technical content could be improved?
     4. In your opinion, is cash flow being managed to increase shareholder value?
     5. Have you optimized your cost of capital?

Categories of companies that I am focused on:
     1. Middle Market privately held companies.
     2. High Net Worth individuals.
     3. Industry focus on Food & Beverage, Manufacturing, Business Services, Whole Trade and Distribution.

Common Services I provide:
     1. Assessment of the financial strength and borrowing capacity of the company and any guarantors.
     2. Review and negotiate financial services based upon what is appropriate for the future.
     3. Determination of need for finance focused projects to enhance shareholder value and return on capital.
     4. Areas of finance in which value can be provided include, but are not limited to:

​     * Commercial Credit Facilities            * Commercial Real Estate Loans       * Equipment Loans/Lines of Credit
     * Treasury Management Services         * Cash Flow Management                 * Working Capital Optimization
     * M&A Strategy and Execution             * Turnarounds and Workouts            * Carve Outs and Recapitalizations
     * Forecasting and Pro Forma Analysis  * Capital Expenditure Budgeting      * Transaction/Valuation Readiness

FInancial Advisor & Consultant for Middle Market Companies and Family-owned Businesses